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Membership Registration

Welcome to the RMAFP Membership Application form.  This application is for the 2013-14 Membership Year, which is good through May 31, 2014. If you have any questions about the type of membership you would like, please visit Membership Information or send us your questions to Contact Us.

RMAFP Membership Options


Individual Membership- Our membership for individuals. Receives Full Benefits, substitution privileges. $160


Corporate Membership- For companies that want to enjoy the benefit of a primary membership (one person signs up at this level) and obtain discounts for each additional representative, this membership allows that. Additional recognition of the companys contribution at this highest level is received throughout the association year. $450


Additional Corporate Representative Membership- For additional representatives at Corporate Member companies. Full Individual Membership benefits, substitution privileges. All Corporate Representatives ALSO get one free lunch pass to bring a client or colleague to a monthly event at no cost (must register the guest). $125


Career Trust Membership- For unemployed professionals, retired professionals or students. Full Individual Membership benefits. No substitution privileges. $75


Prepaid Luncheons Package- Includes 7 monthly events and 1 field trip, substitution privileges. $250


Build Your Own Membership- $190

o   Promotional offer to new individual members only for an opportunity to preview the RMAFP membership at a reduced rate ($90 from $160) and pre-select up to three luncheons that they would like to attend for the full year.

o   Promotional offer also would require prepaid luncheon commitment of $100 (slight discount from $105) for the 3 luncheons, for a total of $190.

o   Because this is a promotional offer, the new member can use the Build Your Own for up to two years prior to becoming a full member.

o   This membership category is only for new members as defined as not a member in the current year or prior year.

o   This Build Your Own membership qualifies the member all membership benefits, including the member rate for the fiscal year Summit event.


Individual Membership - $160
Corporate Partner - $450
Corporate Representative - $125
Career Trust (students, retired or currently unemployed) - $75
Build Your Own Membership - $190 - * Only eligible if new member for up to 2 years, includes 3 monthly events of your choice.
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Occasional Help
Includes 7 Monthly Events and the special event / field trip from September 2013 through May 2014. Prepaid events still require RSVP and are subject to late fees. Substitution privileges are allowed.
Include Prepaid Events - $250 Yes    No
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