Rocky Mountain Association for Financial Professionals
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Membership Information

The Rocky Mountain Association for Financial Professionals is a regional association providing best-in-class industry education and networking opportunities for Treasury and Finance Professionals.

Our members include practitioners from both small and large companies and government entities and the professionals that provide financial services to the business, corporation or government entity. The RMAFP also serves the student or professional interested in learning more about the Finance and Treasury Industry.

The RMAFP acts as both an industry and professional association, so anyone looking to learn more about relevant issues in the financial world as well as looking to strengthen their professional skills would benefit from membership with this leading regional association.

RMAFP Membership Options

For membership year June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015

Affiliate Membership  For vendor companies and banks that want to enjoy the benefit of a primary membership/contact (one person signs up at this level) and obtain discounts for each additional representative, this membership allows that. Additional recognition of the company's contribution at this highest level is received throughout the association year. There are also substitution privileges.  $450

Company Membership For practitioner companies that want to enjoy the benefit of a primary membership/contact (two individuals per membership) and obtain discounts for any additional representatives. Additional recognition for these companies and substitution privileges also come with this membership. $350

Additional Affiliate Representative Membership $125 (22% discount)

Individual Lifestyle Membership Our membership for individuals. Receives Full Benefits with no substitution privileges. $160

Career Trust Membership For unemployed professionals, retired professionals or students. Full Individual Membership benefits. No substitution priviledges. $75

Prepaid Monthly Events Package Includes 10 luncheons/breakfast, 1 summer networking event, 2 webinars,  and 1 spring field trip. $295

Membership Related Policies & Guidelines:

All group type memberships have substitution privileges for employees of the member company. (Affiliate and Company)

All group memberships remain with the sponsoring party; whoever pays for the membership is entitled to the ownership of that membership seat. The individual type memberships (Lifestyle, Career Trust) do not have this benefit. The membership goes with the individual. 

 If I have questions about Membership, who should I contact?

303-973-2555 or


Social Media Connections

Also, follow us on Twitter at @Rockymafp.

RMAFP members and friends are invited to join the RMAFP group and can do so by following this link.

Why join the RMAFP group on LinkedIn?

  • Accelerate your career through referrals from group members
  • See a list of all your fellow group members
  • Search within your group for vital new contacts
  • Use special contact settings to communicate directly with fellow members


The RMAFP offers ten to eleven monthly programs each year to keep you abreast of industry tools and trends.

All RMAFP Members receive a discount on registration for the annual Rocky Mountain Summit - a full day of educational sessions with nationally recognized speakers.

The RMAFP sponsors the AFP designations CTP through the establishment of local study groups and networking opportunities. The AFP certifies all education programs for CTP credit.


The RMAFP events provide excellent networking opportunities with your peers in the Colorado Treasury and Business community.

The RMAFP web site keeps you up-to-date on issues and events.

All RMAFP members can receive, through our website, access to a Membership Roster with contact information for all current RMAFP members.


The RMAFP represents your profession and your interests in the Colorado marketplace.

The RMAFP promotes personal development and leadership training through participation as an elected Board member, appointed committee chair or volunteer committee member.

Leadership/Professional Growth

The RMAFP web site, at, lists available employment opportunities.

The RMAFP web site has access to information and resources 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The RMAFP serves as your liaison with the national Association for Finance Professionals (AFP) on industry standards and current legislation.

The RMAFP promotes personal development and leadership training through participation as an elected board member, appointed committee chair or volunteer committee member.

Additional Affiliate and Corporate Partner Benefits Include

Your organization will maintain a presence with your corporate clientele through acknowledgments at RMAFP monthly luncheons, on the web site and at the annual Rocky Mountain Summit.

All Affiliate members can bring a nonmember as your guest to a monthly luncheon, compliments of RMAFP (one complimentary lunch per  representative).


Prepaid Monthly Events - All ten events


Individual Lunch/Breakfast - Member


Individual Lunch/Breakfast- Non-Member


Late RSVPs and Walk-Ins (BOTH Member and


Note: All cancellations and early bird pricing registrations must be received by the Monday before any event at Noon. The exception to this is for the annual Rocky Mountain Summit that has its own unique deadlines.


1 Individual Lifestyle Member who prepays for all 10 events on July 25, 2014: $160 + $295= $455

1 Affiliate Partner with 4 Additional Affiliate Member Representatives and who pays for 5 prepaid event "slots" for this Affiliate Partner entity on August 10, 2014: $450 + $500 ($125 x 4) + $1,475 ($295 x 5) = $2,425


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