Rocky Mountain Association for Financial Professionals
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Mission and Vision Statement

The Rocky Mountain Association for Financial Professionals is a regional association providing best-in-class industry education and networking opportunities for Treasury and Finance Professionals.

The RMAFP strives to contribute to the advancement, development and promotion of our members and professional community.


  • Members' needs alignment
  • Provide a forum for networking
  • Deliver value for the fees
  • Serve professionals, practitioners, and service providers within the financial industry

Resources & Information

  • Efficiently provide resources and information to members
  • Utilize other resources for our members
  • Pertinent web site content
  • Help to filter and manage communications


  •   Provide job skills and leadership development
  •   Encourage volunteer participation in various activities
  •   Support Community through special events
  •   Recognition of our volunteers

Career Education & Development

  • National visibility and reputation
  • Provide a forum to support the CTP credential
  • Promote the diversity of our members with a variety of topics and experiences
  • Retain members through their Finance and Treasury career


  • Team with similar organizations to provide programs and resources
  • Create partner and sponsor value
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